McAfee EBusiness Server 7.1 error -11391

If you encrypt data for recipients that use McAfee EBusiness Server 7.1 you may receive complaints that they cannot decrypt the file. Below is a common log if the other party uses info level VERBOSE (with command line parameter –info VERBOSE or in the pgp.cfg file):

Enter pass phrase:
event 23: Decryption

symmetric cipher used: CAST5
event 3: error -11391
event 2: final
Error decrypting file ‘test.pgp’.
Corrupt data.
bad packet

exitcode = 32

In order to create compatible encrypted messages with DidiSoft OpenPGP Library for .NET and OpenPGP Library for Java, please set explicitly the PGPLib class to use  ZIP compression before encrypting (if you have changed it to something else). Refer to the online documentation below for examples how to do it:

Set compression in OpenPGP Library for Java

Set compression in OpenPGP Library for .NET

Drop us a line if your recipients still have trouble decrypting a file that you have encrypted with our products.