Year 2013 RoadMap – OpenPGP for .NET

C# and VB.NET PGP LibraryDidiSoft OpenPGP Library for .NET still has a long list of feature requests to be implemented.

Our main goals for this year are

WinRT support

It will be provided through a new pair of DLL files included with the product. The API will be close to the current library API but with slight differences due to the WinRT specifics like asynchronous methods and lack of direct disk access.

It is planned for Q1.

Ecliptic Curve Cryptography in OpenPGP

Last year was published RFC 6637 and it is already implemented in Symantecs’ PGP(r) command line 10.2. In order to be able to interoperate with it we are going to implement it in the library.

Planned for Q2

X.509 certificates and ADK keys

A nice feature that we wanted to implement last year was the creation of OpenPGP keys from X.509 certificates. Due to its low priority it was moved to this year’s schedule. Also we would like to provide support for ADK keys (additional decryption keys).

Planned for Q3

Verbose information logging

For system administration purposes for applications that utilize OpenPGP cryptography a detailed verbose log can be very helpful. This is why we are going to provide log message events exposed by the library classes.

Planned for Q4

Of course we are always open for ideas and criticism and will gladly hear your opinion and feature requests.