OpenPGP Library for Android 1.1 is online

Fellow developers,
The new OpenPGP Library for Android 1.1 has just been released and we are glad to announce that it is bringing many enhancements and bug fixes.

Below is a list of the changes in this release:

[*] : Bug
[+] : New
[-] : Removed
[!] : Modification


Version 1.1
Release date: 30 January 2013

Changes in package com.didisoft.pgp
[+] Added KeyPairInformation.keyId2Hex – Helper method that converts 8 byte Key ID (of type long)
into a hexadecimal string obtained from the lower 4 bytes and used in PGP(r) and GnuPG/gpg.
[*] KeyStore.generateKeyPair – keys with expiration date are now recognized by Authora EDGE

[!] PGPLib.EncryptFile – the timestamp inside the .pgp archive is taken from the file timestamp instead of the current date time.
[*] PGPLib.signAndEncryptStream – encrypted output stream was not closed correctly in binary mode

Changes in package com.didisoft.pgp.inspect
[+] PGPInspectLib.isSignedOnly(InputStream)
[+] PGPInspectLib.listSigningKeyIds(InputStream)
[+] PGPInspectLib.isPublicKeyEncrypted(InputStream)
[+] PGPInspectLib.listEncryptionKeyIds(InputStream)
[+] PGPInspectLib.isPBEEncrypted(InputStream)

New exception subclasses in com.didisoft.pgp.exceptions
[+] FileIsPBEEncryptedException – thrown in case when decrypting a password encrypted archive with a private key
[+] DetachedSignatureException – thrown in case when trying to verify a detached signature without the data file

Feel free to drop us a line if you have any comments, suggestions or ideas for improvement.