OpenPGP Library for .NET 1.7.14 with Web of Trust

DidiSoft OpenPGP Library for .NET 1.7.14 was released today offering extended support for OpenPGP Web of Trust.

In previous versions of the library only setting own trust was available and plain signing of keys.

With this new release keys status can be checked by Trust amount and Verified status. We can also sign public keys with plain and trust signatures, with the option for specifying trust depth.

Check the online Tutorial for Web of Trust in order to learn this new functionality.

Upgrade notes

With this version of the library newly generated keys have Trust value of Ultimate automatically. Unfortunately if we have key pairs generated with previous versions of the library, they have Trust value Unknown. We can upgrade them with a one time execution of the code below:


// ks1 is of type DidiSoft.Pgp.KeyStore
foreach (KeyPairInformation k in ks1.GetKeys())
      if (key.HasPrivateKey)
            ks1.SetTrust(k.KeyIdHex, TrustLevel.Ultimate);


' ks1 is of type DidiSoft.Pgp.KeyStore
For Each k As KeyPairInformation In ks1.GetKeys()
  If key.HasPrivateKey Then
    ks1.SetTrust(k.KeyIdHex, TrustLevel.Ultimate)
  End If