OpenPGP Library for .NET 1.8

We are glad to announce the release of DidiSoft OpenPGP Library for .NET version 1.8

The new version is based on BouncyCastle crypto toolkit version 1.8 and provides DLL files for the following platforms:

  • .NET Framework 2.0 – 4.6
  • Universal Windows (UWP)
  • Windows Store (WinRT)
  • Windows Phone 8.1
  • .NET Core 1.1
  • Xamarin Android and iOS
  • Compact Framework 3.5

Async support

The .NET 4.6 assemblies now support asynchronous OpenPGP cryptography methods. In order to utilize them you must use the PGPLibAsync class (subclass of DidiSoft.Pgp.PGPLib)

using DidiSoft.Pgp;
public class AsyncDemo 
  public async void MyAsyncMethod() 
    PGPLibAsync pgp = new PGPLibAsync();
    await pgp.EncryptFileAsync(...);

LDAP, SEMS and Xamarin

DidiSoft.Pgp.Net.LdapClient is now available for Xamarin too. Keys upload to Symantec Encryption Management Server (SEMS) is now possible if the connection is authenticated with a write access user account credentials and PGP Verified Directory is enabled on the SEMS server.

PowerShell additions

The PowerShell cmdlets now support keys from a KeyStore as well. The syntax is as follows:

PS C:\> ConvertTo-PgpSignedFile -Path C:\Temp\0xC4262702-pub.asc -Key DidiSoft -Password test -KeyStore C:\PGPKeys\my.keystore -KeyStorePassword test

Information for a pgp key file

A new cmdlet Get-PgpKeyInfo is available that obtains information for pgp key files. More information can be found in the PowerShell tutorial.

What’s next this year

Support for 3072 master DSA keys is on the go, additional PowerShell cmdlets, example applications for UWP, Azure and Xamarin and support for the Brainpool Elliptic curves.