OpenPGP Library for .NET 1.9.0 can import from GnuPG Keybox files

We are happy to announce version 1.9.0 of DidiSoft OpenPGP Library for .NET which supports the new public Keybox storage format used in GnuPG from version 2 and above.

The import of keys from a GnuPG .kbx file is performed with a dedicated method KeyStore.ImportGnuPgKbx

A short example can be seen here:

C# example

using System;
using DidiSoft.Pgp;
public class ImportKeys
   public static void Demo()
      // initialize the key store
      KeyStore keyStore = new KeyStore("pgp.keystore", "changeit");       
      KeyPairInformation[] manyKeys = keyStore.ImportGnuPgKbx("C:\Users\me\AppData\Roaming\gnupg\pubring.kbx");

VB.NET code

Imports System
Imports DidiSoft.Pgp
Public Class ImportKeys
 Public Shared Sub Demo()
   ' initialize the key store
   Dim keyStore As New KeyStore("pgp.keystore", "changeit")
   Dim manyKeys As KeyPairInformation() = keyStore.ImportGnuPgKbx("C:\Users\me\AppData\Roaming\gnupg\pubring.kbx")
 End Sub
End Class

Version 1.8 End of Life

Version 1.8 will continue to be supported and critical bug fixes applied until the 31st of December 2023.

Version 1.8 End of Live (EOL) and End of Vendor Support will be 31st of December 2023.

Upgrade notes from version 1.8

In order to upgrade from version 1.8 some DLL file names have changed:

.NET Framework

\Bin\NETxx\BouncyCastle.CryptoExt.dll has been renamed to \Bin\NETxx\DidiSoft.BouncyCastle.dll

Windeos Phone 8

1) \Bin\WinPhone\DidiSoft.Pgp.WinPhone.dll has been renamed to \Bin\WinPhone\DidiSoft.Pgp.dll
2) \Bin\WinPhone\BouncyCastle.WinPhone.dll has been renamed to \Bin\WinPhone\DidiSoft.BouncyCastle.dll


1) \Bin\Xamarin.Android\DidiSoft.Pgp.Android.dll has been renamed to \Bin\Xamarin.Android\DidiSoft.Pgp.dll
2) \Bin\Xamarin.Android\BouncyCastle.CryptoExt.dll has been renamed to \Bin\Xamarin.Android\DidiSoft.BouncyCastle.dll


1) \Bin\Xamarin.iOS\DidiSoft.Pgp.iOS.dll has been renamed to \Bin\Xamarin.iOS\DidiSoft.Pgp.dll
2) \Bin\Xamarin.iOS\BouncyCastle.CryptoExt.dll has been renamed to \Bin\Xamarin.iOS\DidiSoft.BouncyCastle.dll


1) \Bin\UWP\BouncyCastle.UWP.dll has been renamed to \Bin\UWP\DidiSoft.BouncyCastle.dll