OraRSA is a proven solution for the German energy sector

As of August 1, 2019, the RSASSA-PSS digital signing algorithm must be used by all operators in the German energy and water industry sector.

The ORA_SMIME package that ships with DidiSoft OraRSA have already been verified by two Geman TSO organizations to fulfill the S/MIME email format requirements for exchanging electric energy supply information.

ORA_SMIME is a PL/SQL package that extends the email functionality of the build-in Oracle package UTL_SMTP with S/MIME capabilities. This way business organizations can send S/MIME signed and encrypted emails with attachments directly from within the Oracle database.

Examples that demonstrate the RSASSA-PSS S/MIME email sending from DidiSoft ORA_SMIME can be found at https://www.didisoft.com/ora-rsa/tutorial/smime-signed-emails-utl-smtp/