OpenPGP Library for .NET in Yubikey Partner Program

We are happy to announce that as of version 1.9.2 onward DidiSoft OpenPGP Library for .NET is part of the Yubikey Partner Program.

Yubikey OpenPGP card functionality can be programmed with the DidiSoft.Pgp.Smartcard.SmartcardKeyStore class and the low-level cryptography operations are executed on the Yubikey drive.

Other OpenPGP smart cards

The same smartcard OpenPGP API is usable with all OpenPGP smartcards that conform to the OpenPGP smartcard standard version 2 and above, like Nitrokey, and other brands.

DH/DSS keys with 8192-bit encryption key

The newest version of the library now can generate ElGamal (DH/Diffie-Hellman) encryption subkeys with 6144 and 8192-bit size.