OpenPGP Library for .NET with support for EdDSA and Curve25519 keys

We are happy to announce that version of DidiSoft OpenPGP Library for .NET supports the new EdDSA and Curve25519 based keys already available in GnuPG. With this version on you will be able to communicate with systems that are running on the latest versions of GnuPG/gpg (2.2+).

What is EdDSA

EdDSA is an Elliptic Curve cryptography algorithm based on Curve 25519, described in RFC 8032. The operations available with such keys are digital signing and verification of signatures.

Curve25519 sub keys

The encryption sub-keys based on Curve 25519 allow encryption and decryption operations.

Other enhancements in this release

With this version, you can also import existing private keys onto OpenPGP smart cards and create keys directly on the smart card.

What’s Next

The next version of the library will allow you to generate EdDSA/Curve25519 based key. We are working also on the .NetStandard/.NET Core port of the OpenPGP smart card functionality.