OpenPGP Library for .NET 1.9.4

We are pleased to announce the release of OpenPGP Library for .NET 1.9.4  which offers a completely  rewritten Async method support for the cryptography methods in the PGPLibAsync class.

This version is backward compatible with version 1.9.3.x on code level, but your applications must be rebuild and redeployed with version 1.9.4.

The main reason that the drop-in replacement of the assemblies won’t work is that all Async methods have now an optional last parameter of type CancellationToken with default value equal to default(CancellationToken). If  you perform only a drop-in replacement of the library assemblies, code that invokes the Async methods from the PGPLibAsync class cannot locate the methods that although have the same name, now have an additional parameter and thus different method signature and the .NET runtime won’t be able to identify them.

Below is a list of the updated documentation chapters that contain examples that illustrate asynchronous OpenPGP cryptography:

  1. OpenPGP encrypting
  2. OpenPGP decrypting
  3. OpenPGP signing
  4. OpenPGP signature verification
  5. OpenPGP signing and encrypting in one pass
  6. Verifying and extracting OpenPGP signed and encrypted data
  7. Clear text signing
  8. Detached signatures

Note: The Async methods are note available for .NET Framework 2-3.5