OpenPGP Library for Java 3.2.4 offers support for AEAD

We at DidiSoft are excited to announce the release of OpenPGP Library for Java 3.2.4, which now supports authenticated encryption with associated data (AEAD) for OpenPGP. With this latest update, users can now enjoy the added security and integrity of AEAD in their OpenPGP communications.

AEAD is a mode of operation that provides both confidentiality and authenticity. It ensures that not only is the message encrypted, but that the receiver can be sure that it was sent by the expected sender and has not been tampered with in transit. This feature is particularly useful for protecting sensitive information, such as financial or medical records, as well as for ensuring the integrity of software updates.

With the addition of AEAD, OpenPGP Library for Java 3.2.4 provides an even more robust level of security for OpenPGP communications.

Developers and organizations can download DidiSoft OpenPGP Library for Java 3.2.4 from our customers section.