Examples with OpenSSL for .NET

DidiSoft OpenSSL Library for .NET provides API methods compatible with the popular OpenSSL cryptographic product. This page is the starting page for learning how to performs the most common operations provided by the library.

The most common OpenSSL routines are available in the OpenSslUtil class.

Additional OpenSSL cryptography methods can be accessed via dedicated classes.


Ciphers and Hashes


RSA operations

EdDsa signatures

CMS/PKCS#7 cryptography


TLS Client

X.509 Certificates

OpenSslUtil class

Symmetric key Encrypt Decrypt
Asymmetric key PublicEncrypt PrivateDecrypt Sign Verify
GenerateKeyPair GetPublicKey GetPrivateKey
CMS/PKCS7 CmsEncrypt CmsDecrypt CmsSign CmsVerify
SMIME SmimeEncrypt SmimeDecrypt SmimeSign SmimeVerify
X.509 create CSR CSR sign to Certificate X509Read CheckPrivateKey
PKCS#12/.pfx Pkcs12Create Pkcs12Read List Pkcs12Save