In order to use DidiSoft OpenSSL Library for .NET in your software solution you need to Reference its DLL file: DidiSoft.OpenSsl.dll

Referencing from the file system

The Setup Wizard of OpenSSL Library for .NET will install the library DLL files by default inside %ProgramFiles%\OpenSSL Library for .NET <version>\Bin\

In Visual Studio, right click on the References section of your project and select “Add Reference …

Select the sub folder applicable for your type of application, e.g. for a project targeting .NET 4.6 use the DLL file from %ProgramFiles%\OpenSSL Library for .NET <version>\Bin\NET461

After this step we can start using OpenSSL Library for .NET

Referencing from NuGet

Trial version

The trial (evaluation) version can be added right away to your project with the NuGet command:

Install-Package DidiSoft.OpenSsl.Trial

Production version

The production version is available through our private NuGet feed which must first be registered as a Visual Studio NuGet Package Source beforehand:

From the Visual Studio menu Tools\Nuget Package Manager\Package Manager Settings add new Package Source with these settings:

Name: DidiSoft.OpenSsl

If you have already used the trial version, it has to be removed with :

Uninstall-Package DidiSoft.OpenSsl.Trial

Then the production version can added to your project references with:

Install-Package DidiSoft.OpenSsl

The Production feed will require a one time username and password, both having the same value as a lowercase email registered at our customers’ section.


The upgrade process consists of updating your current version of DidiSooft.OpenSsl.dll with the new one. If using the file from the Setup EXE file, just update the reference with the newly installed version and rebuild and redeploy your application.


With NuGet you have to update the package:

Update-Package DidiSoft.OpenSsl

Note: For specific code changes in major version updates, see Upgrade instructions from version to version


In order to Uninstall the package just run the Uninstall wizard if you have installed the library via the EXE file Setup or if using NuGet run:

Uninstall-Package DidiSoft.OpenSsl


This page describes two different ways to reference DidiSoft OpenSSL Library for .NET in your .NET projects depending on your preferences.