PDF encryption and digital signatures from your PL/SQL code

DidiSoft OraPDFProtect is a PL/SQL package (ORA_PDF_PROTECT) that can encrypt and sign digitally PDF files provided as BLOB fields.

Current version 1.0.3
Build date 14 June 2021

Supported Oracle Database platforms:
Enterprise Edition (version 11+)
Standard Edition (version 11+)
Standard One (version 11+)Functionality in brief
The package provides PL/SQL functions for encrypting PDF files with password or X.509 certificate and signing with visible or invisible digital signature (like Adobe® Acrobat) from .pfx, .pkcs12 files.The package provides similar functionality as the one available in the Oracle® Business Intelligence Publisher.

A visible PDF signature created with OraPDFProtect
A visible PDF signature created with OraPDFProtect

The product is licensed per server or for a whole Enterprise (unlimited number of servers)

Trial version limitations
30 days evaluation copy

Online examples

Online tutorial with detailed PL/SQL examples can be found here

Additional documentation