The general steps for upgrade of DidiSoft OtraPGP are similar to those performed when switching from trial (evaluation) to production version:

1) first Uninstall the current version
2) then download the new version
3) execute the Setup stepts using the licensed new version

For some versions you may need to perform additional steps described below:

Upgrade steps from a specific OraPGP version.

To version 1.3 and above from previous versions

In version 1.3 and above the ORA_PGP package no longer needs specific java execution permissions.

You will have to unload the old BouncyCastle jar files and the classes of the package (contained in ora-pgp-<version>.jar):

Unload the old version JAR files from the Oracle© database:

dropjava.sh/.bat -resolve -verbose -user user/pass [extraction folder]\SetupFiles\ora-pgp-<version>.jar

Then you can continue with the fresh Setup.

Check the details regarding the user/pass parameter.