OraRSA – RSA cryptography for Oracle PL/SQL


DidiSoft OraRSA consists of three PL/SQL packages for Oracle (c) Database 11 and above.

ORA_RSA for RSA asymmetric (public/private key) cryptography with PL/SQL.

ORA_SMIME extends the functionality of UTL_SMTP with support for signed and encrypted S/MIME emails.

ORA_XML has methods for XML Signatures and WS-Security.

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Current version
Build date: 24 August 2023

Supported Oracle Database platforms:
Enterprise Edition (version 11+)
Standard Edition (version 11+)
Standard One (version 11+)

Functionality in brief
The package provides PL/SQL functions for RSA encryption, decryption, creation and verification of digital signatures over RAW. A wide range of RSA key formats is accepted including .crt/.cer X.509 certificates, PEM and DER-encoded keys and .pfx/.p12 (PKCS12) encoded private keys. The package silently tries to determine the key type and use it.

ORA_SMIME package can be used with UTL_SMTP for sending signed and encrypted S/MIME emails in a very unobtrusive way.

ORA_XML can be used for signing XML and SOAP messages with private keys, username/password tokens, etc.

The product is licensed per server machine or for a whole Enterprise (unlimited number of servers)

Trial version limitations
30 days evaluation copy

Online examples

Online tutorial with detailed PL/SQL examples can be found here

Tutorial and documentation