OraRSA tutorial

This online tutorial demonstrates the usage of the DidiSoft OraRSA PL/SQL package.
Intended audience: PL/SQL developers, Oracle DBA’s


DidiSoft OraRSA is a set of several packages that can be installed separately:

  • ORA_RSA is the main PL/SQL package for performing RSA asymmetric cryptography, CMS (Cryptography Message Syntax) and JWT (JSON web token)  operations. The package supports RSA keys in a wide variety of common formats, including .cer/.crt, PEM and DER-encoded keys, .pfx/.p12 (PKCS12) password protected formats.
  • ORA_SMIME_APEX_MAIL (New!) offers APEX_MAIL familiar API for sending S/MIME emails
  • ORA_SMIME extends UTL_SMTP with support for S/MIME (Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) signed end encrypted emails.
  • ORA_XML offers XML digital signatures and SOAP WS-Security functions.

Table of contents

From trial to production

ORA_RSA – low level RSA cryptography

X.509 certificates

ORA_SMIME – S/MIME signed and encrypted emails

ORA_XML – XML and SOAP based cryptography

CMS (Cryptography message syntax)

JWT (JSON Web token)

Exception handling

Appendix A. Exception handling