OraSFTP – SFTP and FTPS for Oracle PL/SQL

OraSFTP (ORA_SFTP) is a PL/SQL package providing SFTP and FTPS client-side communication functionality for the Oracle (c) Database platform version 19 and above.

Send and Receive files from SFTP and FTPS servers directly from your Oracle PL/SQL code

  connection_id NUMBER;  
  private_key BLOB;  
  private_key_password VARCHAR2(500);  
  username VARCHAR2(500);  
  hostname VARCHAR2(500);
  blob_data BLOB;
    blob_data := ... -- load the data to be uploaded
    hostname := 'localhost';
    username := 'didisoft';
    connection_id := ORA_SFTP.CONNECT_HOST(hostname, username, private_key, private_key_password);
    ORA_SFTP.UPLOAD(connection_id, blob_data, 'document.dat');    

Didisoft OraSFTP

Current version
Build date 05 June 2024

Supported Oracle Database platforms:
Enterprise Edition (version 11 – 23)
Standard Edition (version 11 – 23)

Functionality in brief
The package provides Oracle PL/SQL functions for SFTP and FTPS client-side communication. The standard SFTP functionality upload, download, list files, manage remote directories, etc., are available.

Supports PuTTY, OpenSSH, and ssh.com type of keys with algorithms RSA, DSA, ECDSA.

The product is licensed per server or for a whole Enterprise (unlimited number of servers). OEM Licensing is also available.

Trial version limitations
30 days evaluation copy

Additional documentation

A reference from a Customer:

DidiSoft have produced an invaluable utility for connecting to sftp services from within Oracle PL/SQL. We have used it effectively and transparently within our product, replacing an ftp package we put together some years ago.

OraSFTP not only provided us with a solution for a critical security update, the support provided by DidiSoft was knowledgeable, efficient and always addressed our issues. This included provision of patches to address such newly reported challenges with a fast turnaround.

Tim Scott, OCLC (UK) Ltd