DidiSoft Privacy Policy


Our software does not collect any personal information.

Email addresses

DidiSoft collects email addresses from users who buy our products. These email addresses are used to send updated versions and bug fixes.

Personal Information

During the purchase process, our payment provider FastSpring collects user information. FastSpring is a trusted e-commerce company, known for their long term reputation as a payment solution. For more information please refer to their Privacy Policy.


DidiSoft Inc Eood complies with the European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The data we store for each of our customers is AES-256 bit encrypted.

Where can I see my data

In our customers’ section you will find a menu GDPR which displays all the information we have for you and your company.

Right to erasure (Act. 17 of GDPR)

In our customers’ section you will find a menu GDPR and a button at the bottom “Delete all my data”.  From there you can erase forever the data we store for you. You can also contact our support department and we can do that for you.