SDK Documentation

Welcome to DidiSoft Online SDK documentation section. Here you will find links to tutorials and API references for our products.

OpenPGP Library for .NET

Tutorial: Online tutorial with examples
API reference: Online Help in MSDN format.

OpenPGP Library for .NET logo.NET Framework logo button

OpenPGP Library for Java

Tutorial: Online

API reference: Online API reference in Javadoc format.
API reference: PGP/MIME API reference in Javadoc format

OpenPGP Library for Java logoJava(tm) logo online JavaDoc

OpenPGP Library for Android

Online API reference in Javadoc format.

OpenPGP Library for .NET logoOpenPGP Library for Android

OraPGP – Oracle PL/SQL OpenPGP package

Tutorial: Online tutorial

OraRSA – Oracle PL/SQL RSA encryption package

Tutorial: Online tutorial

MsSqlPgp – Microsoft SQL Server T-SQL OpenPGP routines

Tutorial: Online tutorial