This page describes how to uninstall and remove DidiSoft software products that are not used any more.

DidiSoft software ships in ZIP files. The instructions below are divided for OpenPGP Library for .NET and the rest of our products.

Uninstall OpenPGP Library for .NET

In order to uninstall DidiSoft OpenPGP Library for .NET, please follow the steps below:

1. Open the library installation folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenPGP Library for .NET x.x.x\Uninstall

and run unins000.exe

2. Follow the steps of the uninstallation wizard.

Note: x.x.x above should be replaced by the version number of the software.

Alternative scenario

From the Windows Control Panel open the Programs and Features group and from the list of installed programs right click on “OpenPGP Library for .NET x.x.x” and select “Uninstall/Change” and follow the wizard dialog.

Uninstall other DidiSoft products

OpenPGP Library for Java

Delete the distribution ZIP archive from your disk drive.

OpenPGP Library for Android

Delete the distribution ZIP archive from your disk drive.


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